2019 budget has been placed forward by minister of finance in Parliament, Piyush Goyal on Fri launching the BJP’s campaign for Lok Sabha elections, underlining the last Budget of PM Modi LED government.

Keeping in mind the expression “Good Political Growth is proportional to smart economical Growth”, Budget is to woo the centercategory salaried voters, Farmers, ladiessocial control and Defence. This 2019 budget isn’tassociate adverse budget, 2019 budget is budget of commoners.

Here square measure necessary Highlights of the 2019 Budget that we want to see-

  • The individuals having the annual financial gain up to five hundred thousand get a full tax concession. The subjective gross financial gain up to six. 5 hundred thousand might not pay any taxes if they’re willing to take a position in provident funds, and different alternatives provided by the govt.
  • An increase in defense budget has conjointly been created on the far side Rupees three hundred thousand crores. Rs. 35,000 large integer has been distributed below the theme “One rank, One Pension”.
  • Unorganized Sector employees can get a pension of Rs. 3000 monthly once the age of sixty below “The Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan Yojna”.
  • Farmers having but two hectares of land can have direct financial gain support of Rs. 6000 Yearly in three equal installments. Piyush Goyal conjointly told that farmers affected with natural calamities, animal husbandry, and fisheries can get two interest subvention. three-dimensional to those for timely compensation of loan under”PM kisaan Yojna”.
  • The gratuity payment limit is extended from ten lakhs to twenty lakhs in ammunition.
  • MSME units that square measure GST-registered might get two interest admission on loan of Rupees one large integer.
  • Income Tax return policy simplified to twenty-four hours and refunds square measure issued immediately with none delay. at intervals next two years, all verification and assessment procedures of IT department square measure created to be administrated electronically solely.
  • Standard Reduction has been raised from today’s forty,000 to 50,000 p.a.
  • The minister of finance has declared that there’s meant to be no TDS on house rent up to 2.4 lakh a year from 1 lakh 80,000 & no TDS on Bank, Post workplace Interest up to Rs. 40,000 from 10,000.
  • 2019 Budget ensures that collection has hyperbolic from half dozen hundred thousandthirty eight thousand large integer in 2013-14 to twelvehundred thousandlarge integer rupees this year. there’sconjointlyvital increase in the variety of Retuns file from three.79 large integerto six.85 crore. Piyush Goyal conjointly thanked the tax payers at this time of this announcements.

Other points:

  • Subsidy bill faces an increase from 2.66 hundred thousand large integers thereto of 2.97.
  • Rs. 60,000 large integer given to MNREGA for FY19-20
  • It is noted that GST assortment in Jan 2019 has touched the mark of Rs onehundred thousandlarge integer.
  • Quota for northeastern componentshyperbolic to Rs fifty eight,166 crore(around 2 hundredth increament).

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has  secured the prosperity of the Republic of India once Lok Sabha polls. is that this 2019 Budget adequate for them to win the election?


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